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2-day Elite flight Attendant Course
Corporate flight attendant training
corporate jet flight attendant training
Private jet flight attendant training

Summer 2023 (Date TBC) - £550

Higher Standards 2 day courses are held, at Oxford Airport Business Jet Terminal.

The course is designed for anyone with little or no previous experience as a flight attendant on private jets. We will take you through everything you need to know from flight notification through to arriving at your hotel at the end of the day. You will learn how to create, order and serve a 5-star menu to a VIP on-board a private jet. The course will cover all aspects of the job as a private jet flight attendant and to help you remember, we have created a number of guides, checklists and a handy 50 page guide for you to keep after the course.

The course is run within all COVID guidelines. 

Practise & Experience

The one thing operators and crewing companies struggle with when looking for elite flight attendants is finding experienced candidates.

A background as airline cabin crew is helpful, but without experience in ordering catering, plating and garnishing gourmet dishes, silver service and actual time on a private jet, most operators have too much to lose by using inexperienced staff.

The Higher Standards course is designed around in-flight silver service roleplay and practising how to plate and garnish the dishes. Where permitted, we will visit a real private jet and discuss the galley and cabin layout and how to make best use of the limited workspace.

Cultures, Basic Knowledge, Social Media & More

The theoretical part of the course will cover the differences in how to look after clients with various cultural backgrounds. We will cover gourmet foods, wines & champagnes and how to serve them.

We will discuss Social Media both as a tool for networking, but also how to limits its use in order to protect an operator or clients privacy.

Download 2-Day Course Syllabus

Click to download our 2-day course syllabus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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